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We offer a fully inclusive experience teaching those who want to learn The Art of Crabbing.  We based our operations out of Pacifica but are now offering excursions Fishing in San Francisco for crab and all throughout the Bay. 

Originally starting tours on Airbnb's experiences platform we have expanded to offering private bookings for groups of all sizes. We ONLY host on land and there is no boats or sea sickness included for this trip. Come see why we are rated so highly by our previous guests and enjoy the splendor of nature in the San Francisco bay area.

We offer to teach you all the tips and tricks to be able to successfully and competently learn The Art of Crabbing on your own! 

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About me

My name is Alex and crabbing is a true passion of mine. I have teamed up with like minded individuals to provide truly unique experiences that are both useful and fun! We offer to teach you all the tips and tricks to be able to successfully and competently learn The Art of Crabbing on your own!  

I love cooking and am an avid outdoorsman. I think too many people have a disconnect between their food and where it comes from. My goal is to to meet new people, enjoy time being by the ocean, teach those willing about west coast crabbing and harvest it's bounty with respect to mother nature. I am born and raised from San Francisco and have spent most of my adult life traveling throughout California and internationally so I have a lot to share.

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What we'll do

 We will meet at one of various locations throughout the bay to catch some of the best crabs the world has to offer. I'll provide insights on the nature of crabbing and fishing in the bay area, what crabs like to eat and why the bay is home to a large and distinctly diverse crab and shellfish population.  Once we arrive at the location I'll provide a thorough overview of the equipment and tactics needed to catch as many legal crab as we possibly can within the allotted time frame. I also will provide instruction on cooking the crab and cleaning the crab.

I'll share my deep insight to how this has been an avid hobby of mine for the past 9 years and all the different types of wildlife in the bay. If your as much as a foodie as I am please ask me anything about food (specifically seafood) and I will share my culinary insight for the best way to prepare truly delicious meals.

Choosing the right location

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Inside the bay

When inquiring about packages, please keep in mind there are different restrictions at different locations. In San Francisco we can only catch Pacific Rock crab (Red crab) & Brown Rock Crab which can get very big and are more plentiful than other locations. Unfortunately, we cannot take Dungeness crab from inside of the San Francisco Bay this location as it is a protected breeding ground. San Francisco is recommended for beginners, big groups and children. 

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Pacific coastline crabbing

Crabbing along the Pacific coastline allows us to take Dungeness crab, the most coveted crabs in the Bay Area and the west coast all together. Most people choose this experience to catch Dungeness but keep in mind there are conditions on keeping them and the likiehood of catching a "keeper" is less than the other crab in San Francisco. The minimum size requirement for Dungeness is 5 & 3/4" but can be well worth it when you get a "keeper"! I recommend this location for adults and people with experience fishing/crabbing.

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Booking procedures

Regardless of what you decide works best  for you and your group we will accommodate your requests and needs. We don't have posted availability for private groups and the only availability posted is for Airbnb experiences. If you wanted to book a certain package/number of guests, had questions or unsure about anything please send us a message using the contact us messaging system below! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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