Testimonials (Updated 01/20/2020)

Chuyan (SF, CA)

   Memorable  experience. We learned the techniques which were super fun. We caught so  many crabs and they were delicious... Alex and all his helpers are  super friendly and helpful.

Yina (Pleasanton , CA)

 We had so much fun on Sunday, never done this before but would  definitely do it again. Alex was super friendly and such a nice host. He  is an expert at crabbing and fishing. I totally recommend that other  people join this adventure with Alex. 

Lynn ( Massachusetts, United States)

 Our group had so much fun :) Alex and John were extremely knowledgeable  and taught us all about crab fishing. We ended up catching around 10 to  take home although the experience would’ve been fun regardless!! Highly  recommend this one of a kind experience 

Clinton (SF, CA)

  Alex is great! He made sure my first crab fishing trip is awesome with that he threw in lots of cool advice! Will definitely join him again during the dungeness crab season! 

Karen (Mississauga, Canada)

"Alex was great! He is really cool and chill. He taught us how to cast properly and is knowledgeable on what kind of bait would make good catches. We didn't catch anything during the trip. But we did see others catch a few crabs, saw some sealions and dolphins, which was really nice! Overall a great experience!"

Yuyan (San Francisco)

 "This was an amazing experience crabbing with Alex, Augie, and Brian. 11 of us got 12 crabs! A very fruitful morning. The view was nice and we learned how to crab for real. It was a really enjoyable and eye-opening experience that I would want to come again and recommend it to my friends as well!"

Will (Jacksonville)

 This has got to be the best way to get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The crabs are surprisingly easy to catch and fun to take pictures with. The hosts are so friendly and happy to talk. I would highly recommend this to others visiting the area. 

Lucas (Shanghai, China)


"Alex was unable to provide the tour cuz of his other job. So his associate Auggie came to tour us. He taught me the basics of gear and tactics and was good about letting me know prep the fishing pole. U can see he has the passion of fishing and crabbing. And he told me a lot of crabbing knowledge. He is so nice and t his was the most fun experience in California. I’ve already recommended many friends to come. As u all can tell, my English is not good, but I recommend. That’s can explain how great it is!!!!!"

Xuyou (China)


"It is friendly, welcoming, courteous, punctual, ready for all equipment. Very interesting afternoon, perfect experience, highly recommended" 

Heesun (San Francisco)

 Overall,  learning the art of crabbing was great. Alex walked us through each  different step, from piecing our fishing rod together to educating us on  how best to cook the crab. With all my questions, I can personally  attest to the fact that he is a very patient man. If you are looking to  learn how to crab or just want to kick it with some new people doing  something you love, I would highly recommend doing this! You can learn more about what to expect below! 

Steven (San Francisco)

 " We had a great time learning how to crab with Alex. After a short how-to intro, we dove right in and started casting on the pier. Alex was super helpful and made sure everybody was getting the hang of it. We got super lucky and caught a crab (and we were able to keep it!). He inspired my partner and me to take up the activity. It's a great way to spend a few hours. Highly recommend this experience with Alex. " 

Liang (SF, CA)

 This experience is fantastic! We joined the experience as a group and everyone of us had a great time! We learned crabbing with poles and pots and we did harvest. Highly recommended for groups. 

Sammi (SF, CA)

This experience was an extremely fun learning experience. We learned so much from Alex and his friend Jordan. They were incredibly friendly and were great teachers. We brought home enough crab to feed 5 people and will definitely be trying out crabbing by ourselves. Thanks again Alex and maybe we’ll see you out on the pier sometime!

Peter (Santa Barbara)

 " I was intrigued about crabbing but hadn't been fishing since I was a kid. This was the perfect way to learn about crabbing. Alex was an awesome and extremely knowledgeable guide with insightful tips and funny stories. We lucked out with really great weather and a fun group. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. I highly recommend it!!! " 

Alexis (Paris)

 "That was excellent. We had so much fun ! Alex is an excellent teacher and thanks to that we caught a few crabs. The vibes were really cool with the other crabbers and the spot is